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About NFL

The National Football League or NFL is a most popular professional American football league. The league consists of 32 teams that are divided equally between the American Football Conference or AFC, and the National Football Conference or NFC. The league's current league champion is the Chicago Bears, who defeated the Los Angeles Rams in the 2005 NFL Championship Game, and have been the league champions since the 2007 season. Each of the 32 NFL teams is assigned a distinct colors, which are: a team's primary colors are usually green, orange, or gold. Teams with blue or white uniforms are the "Red" or "White" teams.

In the mid-1960s, teams had all white helmets; for this reason, their names are sometimes called "white helmets." Teams are also assigned nicknames, although nicknaming is not required in order to join the NFL. All teams have nick names, with the exception of special teams and special players. The color of a players ' uniform is generally not visible through the uniform, except for special units or special receivers. A player can wear a color-coordinated uniform or a special uniform. Special players wear special uniforms, typically white pants, white shoes, a white helmet, blue gloves, black socks, no shoes or spikes, an orange or red cap, yellow or pink cleats, red or blue cleat shoes and socks (usually blue), and a green or orange cleated shoe.

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